Product Idea

Self Defending Treasure Chest

Ahoy Matey!
Tired o' gettin' ye scurvy pirate treasure stolen by other band 'o pirates?
Forget which island holds ye beloved bounty?

Worry no more!

"Introducin' the all new Self Defendin' Box o' Treasure!

Arrr!! Why mark ye treasure on a map and place it in a deserted island, when ye can place it in this state o' the art treasure chest instead?

No need to dig all day when ye can safely store 2 standard treasure chests and 2 barrels o' shiny lego coins! No need to keep track o' where ye left it as it sends coordinates using its long range encrypted medieval GPS antenna transmitter which ye can spy wit' ye eye in ye wooden ship.

Ye be sleepin' safe knowin' that ye treasure be safe 'n sound wit' 'tis treasure chest, it be equipped wit' a dual lockin' mechanism, (Facial recognition 'n a traditional key) as well as 2 cannons 'n 6 sprin' loaded jars o' scurvy pirate farts that pop out o' nowhere.

Rest assured that it can do the job o' keeping intruders away! If all else fails, it can run away from intruders usin' its 6-spider like legs.

be careful, it ain't waterproof.

Set Includes:

  • 1 Self Defending Treasure Chest
  • 1 Pirate 
  • 2 Standard Treasure Chests
  • 2 Barrels
  • Coin Treasure
  • 6 - Jars o' Pirate Farts
  • Lego Compass
  • Swords!