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Shrek is one of the best Fairy tales ever told, probably some of You guys wonder why?

Well,in this fairy tale we have every single character from our childhood, but this is story about not so evil Ogre named Shrek.

For the first time we know that not all different creatures are evil, just misunderstood.

In this set we have Shrek's home.

He lives in mug's house,and we meet some new characters in this story,and some characters well known from a long time ago,like Puss in Boots.

This set has next characters:



Puss in Boots


(and a snail)

2 standard minifigures all together,and one very fun to build - Donkey

This set has 672 pieces (including minifigures and their accessories.

This set doesn't have new molded pieces,only new printings on small pieces,and on minifigures.

Unusual printed pieces are: Donkey's mouth,his eyes,snail's back and eyes,Shrek's sign (Beware Ogre= and Small statue-minifigure,Puss in Boots.

His home has removable toilet from the roof,and also removable roof from his house.

There is also in front of his house mug,where he takes a bath,and stairs which leads to toilet.

Inside of his home we have chair,and desk,where he eats his Pumpkin,and he has nice fireplace where he can cook his food. There are also some shelves and plates.

I hope You like this project,and that You want it to see on shelves.

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