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Suburban Railway Station

This suburban railway station is perfect for any size train, and any amount of minifigure passengers. With a ticket office to purchase your train tickets from, and a café for when the train is delayed, this is the perfect addition to any railway network.

With 690 pieces, including eight pieces of track and four minifigures (a guard, an engineer and two passengers), this station is able to cater for all requirements.


The café has two inside seats, with a table, a till and a shelf with lots of food and drink to purchase. It has two doors, and large windows, for minifigures to see their train arriving.

Ticket office

The ticket office has space for minifigures to queue for tickets, and to shelter if the weather is bad outside. With a rotating door, and seperate door to the office, this spacious building is central to the station's operation.


The platform has three shelters on it, each with two seats and a table for minifigures to place their luggage, or food, on. There are lots of colourful pot plants placed at intervals along the platform. The platform is extra long, so that it is able to take longer trains than most stations, so that your railway network is able to carry more minifigures.