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Lego Park


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This is my contribution to the Lego Architectural series. The idea is to recreate the idea of "Central Parkl". Though it is not a replica of Central Park, it is the spirit and idea of it to keep the size of the model small. This was done to allow this to sit next to the other Lego Architecture Skyscrapers. The size of the model is essentially the size of two skyscraper bases next to each other. The park itself, minus the black borders, is 10x22 studs.

I tried to recreate a forested area that surrounds a hill with a waterfall. There is then a wooden bridge over the water. Finally there is a more open park with a pond/lake and a smaller climbing hill with a monument at the edge of the park.

Additional view, looking from the monument back towards the waterfall and forested area.

additional view

additional view, looking from the forested area, over the bridge, to the monument.

additional view

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