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Sculpture Museum


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The set I wanted to create take inspiration from the many historical buildings in Italy (the country in which I live). It is in fact an historical building on 2 storeys that houses a museum of sculptures.

On the first storey we find 4 areas with respectively 4 sculptures representing a knight with his sword, a Priest of ancient Egypt with a scepter, a Viking with his axe and a Japanese soldier with his katana. At the second storey we find 2 statues of knights with a horse, sword and shield and a statue of a lion's head. The set also consists of 6 minifigures including: a boy, a guard, a street artist, a guide, a thief and a house painter. The set has a total of 2961 pieces.

I decided to design this set because since I was a child I have been a great lover of art and design, Lego have always helped me with these passions. I therefore decided to combine these passions to create this modular set.

To conclude, I think it would be an excellent Lego set because it offers the collector or the boy who is creating his city Lego a beautiful building, with interesting figures, a small level of playability and above all that offers something new never created by Lego.

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