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Nomad Fighter Vessel Bloodwing

My first original Lego idea. I have always loved sci-fi space travel.

Vessel type: Nomad Fighter

Codename: Bloodwing

Primary function: dogfight and chasing

The Bloodwing is small fighter vessel that can be built amassed and used in various places in space wars. Boasting high speed and maneuverability, as well as state of the art weaponry, this could be a fearsome fighter in the future wars.

The wings and ship frame are reinforced with carbon steel for higher durability.

The cockpit is crammed to save space but still gives good breathing room

Triangular landing gear placements give good stability on all type of landing surfaces

State of the art triple output propulsion engine with hyperspace core ensures both short range and long range maneuver

The ship is equipped with two combat railguns for dogfights and two plasma blasters for destruction

And last but not least, flexible wings position suitable for various usage, from cruising to hangar docking.

The building of the ship is quite simple yet the ship still has an elegant look.

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