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Lego GBC Conveyor And Stepper Modules

These two lego great ball contraption modules are designed to be simple and reliable so that they can easily be built by new lego gbc builders but still be cool and interesting to watch. I designed these GBC modules to be able to share the power/motor from one module, this means that you can easily power up to about 5-6 great ball contraption modules from one motor. You can also easily use almost any modern lego motor, including Mindstorms and lego powered up motors to power the modules. These lego great ball contraption (GBC) modules feature mechanisms that uses steps and a conveyor to lift the balls. I built these module because I wanted it to be easier for people to get into building GBC modules, as it can be quite hard to build your first one by yourself. They are slow but reliable modules, and they can each hold the GBC standard of 30 balls at one time. You can watch it running here:

Free PDF instructions on Rebrickable for the Conveyor and the Stepper module.

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