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The Shape Shifting Fortress

Who has never dreamed of being the master of their own kingdom? Living in an infinite magical place full of history?

Introducing The Shape Shifting Fortress! The result of countless ''head breaking'' hours of work. An old castle updated to be a fresh and modern habitable fortress with fully removable rooms. Designed to shift its shape while keeping its coherence, it includes everything to live there as wall as several surprises! Amongst many things, you can find: A huge sliding rock allowing to release the main door of the castle, a large interior garden mounted on two levels, an equipped kitchen with a view on the interior courtyard, a peaceful living room, a removable balcony with a secret bedroom, a pool room, a sauna, a bathroom, an elevator, a library and a recreational area including a retractable basketball hoop, archery targets, a climbing wall and more...

The reason why I ended this project has come a long way. The first Lego set I received in the early 80s was the Castle 6080. What I liked most about it was the ability to move the walls of the structure to open the castle to better access everything inside, giving it a different look. But the idea of building a 'classic' castle didn't mean anything to me. So I wanted to create a more modern building by adding my original ideas at the classic castle structure.

The Shape Shifting Fortress is a very interesting set to build/analyse, in addition to offering a different touch to what we are used to seeing on the 'medieval' sets. Perfect for all Lego fans and also for those looking on some novelty with more technical/thoughtful movements. A multitude of options that they will enjoy using when built. A thoughtful creation that I hope will give creators the audacity of mixing the eras. Enjoy this exciting creation that is the Shape Shifting Fortress.

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