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Fossil Tour


Imagine you are a palaeontologist on tour for a museum, institute or university. What would you discover? And how would you work?

Doing this in reality may not be possible for everyone, but with the help of this set everyone can take part in such an exciting experience. Especially for children, teenagers and hobby palaeontologists like me this will be fun.

To make this project interesting for all ages, the set has three functions. It can be used as a play set, as a display model and even as an educational project, which was an important reason for me to build it. The set includes a large fossil fish to represent the indigenous vertebrate water inhabitants, a small Plesiosaurus fossil representing immigrated vertebrate water inhabitants that ruled the seas in the Jurassic period. And, of course, a dinosaur fossil. In this case a Struthiomimus Altus, a large bird-like dinosaur that lived 80 to 69 million years ago. It also includes a laboratory for closer examination.

This set should be a great introduction to the fascinating world of palaeontology.


Thanks for reading.

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