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Jewelry Store & Coffee Shop


This project is inspired by a building located at 37 Wall Street in New York City.  The left side of the building is a very nice jewelry store. I believe the right side is for access to upper floors which I did not build, instead I made this a coffee shop. 


  • 2 flags
  • Winding staircase and elevator to reach 2nd floor of the Jewelry Store
  • Jewelry display counters
  • Jewelry crafting room with safe
  • Espresso machine
  • sitting areas

Suggested Figures:

  • The lady in front is enjoying her breakfast
  • Sales lady in the Jewelry Store
  • Gem cutter working upstairs in the Jewelry Store
  • Sales person in the coffee shop


  • The white spaces above the doors is for a address number. 

The Jewelry Store & Coffee Shop is designed with the pin connections to match existing Modular Buildings  If it were to become an official product, it would appeal to the same audience that buys other Modular Building sets because of its complex and realistic design. 


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