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Bluejay Mk. I

In-Universe description + Functions

The Bluejay Mk. I is a single-seater intended to be used for covering medium-to-long-distance journeys through space as quickly as possible. This is reflected in its sleek design to maximise efficiency in atmosphere, as well as its trademark arch extension over the fuselage for increased fuel capacity. 

The craft has 3 main combustion engines at the rear which are used while in atmosphere, and are fed air by the air intakes over the wings. There are smaller ionic thrusters situated beside the main engines, one under each wing, which provide thrust when in space or in thin atmosphere.

The ship is able to take off and land vertically thanks to its 10 vertically orientated combustion engines located on the underside. They are fed air from the intake fan located under the fuel arch.

The ship features four retractable landing skids which can support its full weight easily when extended and blend into the bodywork when retracted.

More details include the two sensors underneath the cockpit section which provide information such as temperature and humidity. The cockpit has a yoke, consoles, a heads-up display, and the all important fire extinguisher.

Notes about the real model

This model is designed to be aesthetically pleasing but it is also sturdy, allowing it to be swooshed around without a worry. The best areas to hold it by are under the wings or the fuel arch. Thus, I think this would do well as both a play or a display set.

This model also utilises many different building techniques such as studs-on-the-side and studs-upside-down techniques, so I believe it would make for a good building experience.


Piece count: 313 (Spaceship) + 11 (minifig)

Length: 25 studs (20cm)

Width:  22 studs (17.6 cm)

Height (with landing skids fully extended): ~ 8 bricks and 2 plates (8.3 cm) 

~Any feedback is appreciated, positive or negative. Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this, and have an awesome rest of your day!~

P.S. I have another build coming up very soon, so stay tuned!

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