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The Impossible Game 2

This is a recreation of a game called: The Impossible Game 2, developed by Fluke Games.
The game is about, to jump over obstacles like spikes and platforms, and to complete many amount of levels + more. Here is a replica of how the game looks like, as LEGO format!

This is one of a kind!
In the real game you can build your own levels, in this set you can place these red guys (enemy walker), and the yellow square, that is the player (you). You can as well spin on the light reddish gears (saws).
There are many varieties of blocks / platforms, as the purple spiky one which moves up / down in the game, as well as the red dot platform that rotates itself in the game.

Then we have some turquoise blocks that have no effects, just blocks you land on.
As for the background, it looks very abstract and unique, yes its super cool to look at! :)
The base itself is strongly built up with stud walls to attach background pieces and a back of bricks to hold it together. I left some empty spaces above the platforms to place, as objects, enemy's, and the player etc.

There's a lot to discover and to have fun with in this set!
I believe it would be great for kids and as well adults that are / will be playing the game when it comes out! (it's in BETA, game is not on the market just yet!).
Soon it'll be! :D

The Impossible Game 2 by Fluke Games.
LEGO Idea created by Cronibet

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