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Aruba Cunucu House


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Explore the authentic Aruba with the LEGO Cunucu House!🏝️

While many know Aruba for its white beaches and palm trees, there's a rich cultural history waiting to be uncovered. That's why I'm excited to introduce you to my LEGO set capturing the essence of Aruban heritage!

The Traditional Aruban House 🏡

Growing up surrounded by the vibrant culture of Aruba, I wanted to share a piece of our island's story with everyone. This LEGO set showcases a 'Cas di Cunucu'. The ‘Cas di Cunucu’ is a traditional Aruban countryside house that draws inspiration from its predecessor, the 'Cas di Torto.'

The 'Cas di Torto' is a unique adobe house, exclusive to the region of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. These structures, some of the oldest standing on Aruba, tell a story of early inhabitants who ingeniously used clay or coral rocks to build homes. Their design is simple yet practical, featuring basic rooms, small windows, and peaked roofs allowing the heat to disperse and keeping the inside cool in the sunny Caribbean climate.

Shaped by the cultural influence of diverse individuals who have made it their home, these buildings have transformed and improved, becoming the unique and colorful Cunucu House you see in this LEGO set.

Bringing Aruba to Life 🌵🦜

But this set is more than just a building– it's a snapshot of Aruba's natural beauty! Alongside the Cunucu House, you'll discover the island's unique flora and fauna. Adapted to the challenges of low rainfall, my set showcases iconic Caribbean plants like the aloe vera, prickly pear cactus, melocactus, dagger cactus, as well as the lively brown-throated parakeet, santanero snake and some chickens!.

This set allows you to dive into Aruba's rich history, explore traditional architecture, and discover the Aruban flora and fauna—all while enjoying the fun of building!

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