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Duel on the Bifrost


This set is based on a scene in the 2011 movie Thor.

It includes minifigures Thor, Loki, and an Asgardian Soldier.

The bridge is made up of multiple transparent coloured pieces, and if produced officially, may possibly have a breaking function.

Asgard is the golden realm, therefore I would take the city to be made of gold. The gate has a section where you can put a spear in to brace the gate (Similar to set 9473). The wall may have connecting sets similar to how sets 9471 and 9474 combine to make a bigger model.

If you are a Thor fan or just a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'm hoping I can count on your support. After all, LEGO has only made three Marvel sub-themes based on the Cinematic Universe!

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