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Ramshackle Ranch


Ranchers are known for grazing livestock. They raise, breed and care for animals of all kinds, which eventually gives us foods like beef and ham. This does not mean ranchers are, by definition, particularly good at the upkeep of their property. In fact, the earliest ranchers in the Old West bodged together their homesteads with readily available construction materials and scrap.

Ramshackle Ranch is a collection of buildings in a serious state of disrepair. The only exception is the inside of the ranch house. This is the domain of the ranchers wife and everything in here is spick and span. Woe to the one who does not take off his shoes upon entering!

The set is made out of 2723 elements and contains:

  • The two story ranch house.
  • The gate. Every ranch needs one with its name on it.
  • A water pump and tower. The stables, pigsty and chicken coop.
  • A withered tree, home of the mighty vulture.
  • A wagon.
  • 3 Minifigs, 11 animals and a brick build vulture.

The diorama consists of seven connectable models which can easily be arranged in any order. The model can be set up in no less than 5040 different configurations. To put this in perspective: if you want a unique setup every day, you can change things around for almost 14 years.

I like to call this technique Snap – Shuffle – Connect, or S.S.C. for short. Well, actually, I only do because it has a nice ring to it.

From left to right:

  • The ranchers wife, known for her famous meat pies.
  • The rancher, known for ... uhm ... ranching.
  • The dim-witted farmhand, who’s only notion of animal care is prodding them with his beloved stick.
  • The vulture who, after a good prodding, made it his sole mission to outlive the farmhand (being the scavenger he is)

Before I forget, a good ranch of course needs a bit of livestock as well:

Thank you for your attention, support and sharing.

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