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Coaster Set

This is my coaster set made out of LEGO. It has a place to hold your coasters which would look very nice on a table. I have recently got a new desk and I wanted something to protect it from stains so naturally, I decided to make a coaster set. The holder for the coasters is a light gray. The coasters themselves are black and are made out of the rounded 1x2 plates and 1x1 studs. At the ends, I decided to add tiles. The tiles at the bottom are inverted so it still looks in order with the other half.

In my opinion, I do firmly believe that this would be a great LEGO set for anyone that is a LEGO fan and drinks hot beverages. This set looks great whether it is at home or whether it is in the office. These coasters will be a great way to subtly show what a LEGO fan you are. It is a very smooth looking design That I did put a lot of work into so your support would be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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