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The eco hut


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This set is called the eco hut it is a little one room hut and in that one room consists of one toilet one bed one sink and one mini fridge. I named this the eco hut because it is all environmentally friendly it has many windows to let in natural light in and solar panels for any of the small amount of electronics this set is designed to look like it is made of wood as that is a renewable sours. The roof and one out side wall is covered in grass and plants which is a type of insulation, this area grows there own crops as you may see a few chariots in the ground or cherry's. There is one mini figure in this set i have given her a name and it is Elizabeth she has a bike and helmet and no cars as that is better for the environment this set was built because i think if adults and children all over the world could have this they can have hours of fun playing and also learn about how we can help the environment, there are 745 bricks in this set easy to take grass roof off I hope you all like my creation if not that is fine but you can check out my other work if you like feel free to share any of my work. 

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