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(1:110) New Horizons/ Atlas v - 551


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New Horizons is a NASA spacecraft launched as part of the New Frontiers program on January 19, 2006, to explore the Pluto system and the Kuiper Belt. On July 14, 2015, New Horizons became the first spacecraft to reach Pluto.

The mission expands our human knowledge and serves as an inspiration for all generations. 
In honor of this achievement, I designed the model.

The Lego model shown here has the following specifications: 

- 228 parts
- Scale 1:110 -> Perfect as a complement for the Saturn V. 🚀
- 4.9 cm/ 7.0 cm/ 42.6 cm (W:L:H) 
- 209.2 g weight 

I hope you like the model and I am very happy about your support. 

Cheers 🙌

(PS: The Atlas V - 551 actually has 5 boosters. I just couldn't think of a good way to integrate them. If you have any tips please write me in the comments😁). 

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