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This is a game re-creation of a game called: Astrogon, let's see what it is about...

This game is about a cube (you the player) to jump around at platforms (left/right) to gain stars as currency.
You're in space, to the mission to complete levels along the way, which also has a unique level maker.

In this build, you'll find out a lot of stuff:
  • Stars (the yellow stars are the currencies for the game, 3 per level, since it's based on a level in the game. Max stars are 3 for a level in the level maker as well).
  • Blue/Red Blocks (in this case you are a blue cube. Then you can only touch blue, until you come by blue/red floating orbs to change that, so you can touch red).
  • Blue/Red Floating Orbs (these make you change your color as said before, and can jump on red etc.).
  • Purple Floating Orb (you can jump in midair with it, a long slow jump in space).
  • Breakable Blocks (in this case I made them blue/red transparent. In the game, they have small corners and are hollow. They disappear after about 2 secs in the game).
  • End Portal (the big blue/pink transparent circle is the complete object in the game, which makes you complete levels).

As we know space is all black, and the only light is stars. In this case, I made the stars dark purple transparent which is also in the game. It's a very cool build in my opinion, for sure gamers of this game will for sure love it!

I think this set works for the age around 12-18+, since it has a lot of small parts and fairly easy to build (like the blocks) and such.

Idea created by: Cronibet
Game by: Thorsen

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