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Medieval Traveling Theatre

Come one and all, and see performances to surprise and delight! Raucous farces, moving tragedies, intriguing mysteries, thrilling adventures, and even bawdy comedies are sure to please audiences of all sorts. With over two dozen props to choose from, the only limits are your imagination. Help this traveling dramatic troupe tell stories for the ages!

Medieval/castle LEGO has always been my favorite, especially the small-scale village stuff with a slice-of-life feel. Many years ago I had an idea to build a set like this, and I was inspired by others along the way. This set is the end result of years of tinkering to find a design that was stable, portable, and playable.

The stage and backdrop both fold down, but are held in place with clips. The roof sections at the front and rear of the wagon can not only serve as a place for minifigures to stand or sit, but they can be lifted off for better access. Taking off the rear roof allows you to open the hinged sections in the back, revealing prop storage. More props are also clipped to the exterior of the wagon. The best part is, nothing should rattle around when carrying the wagon.

This is a mid-size set to endear builders of any age. For the kids, these seasoned players can act out any story they can imagine and also have memorable misadventures on the road. For us grown-ups, the theater wagon makes a great display piece and can be changed up with endless creative scenes.

Thanks for your consideration!

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