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Steam Locomotive Transport With Power Function [LDD]

Steam locomotive transport with Power Function [LDD]

This is an idea for a set with the transport of a smaller 1B coupled steam locomotive. Spare parts for the steam locomotive are transported in a standard container. The doors of the container can be opened.

The train is pulled by a smaller diesel locomotive which can be remotely controlled with the help of Power function. And the train can either run at railway station or out on the line.

The set contains a container crane where the crane itself turns and can be pushed back and forth. And of course the crane arm can be moved up and down using a hand crank.

1385 elements have been used, including 15 straight and 18 curved rails. There are also two switching tracks and a decoupling rail.

All new stickers prints are created in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to the LDD standard. All images are created with the highest possible resolution and with the best settings in LDD.

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