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Elvis Presley and his Pink Cadillac


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Hello Lego Fans and welcome to my next Lego Idea:

Elvis Presley and his Pink Cadillac

As a fan of music and guitar players I created a set of
the King of Roch n Roll with his unique car: the pink cadillac.

I remember one day in school when I heard a song of Elvis Presley.
Since that day I loved his songs.

And after creating some science and movie sets I had to create this one.

This set would come with a small stage with a big sign og Elvis.
Also it would include some loudspeakers and Stage Stuff like:
lights, microphone etc.

The other part of the set would be the cadillac.
Its would be full playable.
The motor-compartment and the trunk is obenable.
What I really like is the unique color.
Why hastn't lego never build a car with this color?

And again, this set would include:
Elvis Presley in his white outfit
a pink cadillac
a stage
a guitar
and Stage Stuff

The "Sign of Elvis" would come in oragne clear and/or golden bricks.
Which one do you prefer?

So, please help and make a dream come true!

Thank you so much for your support.

Hope you like it.

You are AWESOME!


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