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Subnautica - Close meeting at Crash Zone


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The survivor from Aurora went to crash zone, with a hope that someone might be still alive, he began collecting resources and then he heard a roar, not a normal raor, it was deep, and really loud, he hopped into his seamoth and saw the beast that made the noise, the reaper leviathan

Subnautica is an under-water game where you are survivor from aurora that has crashed on unknown planet


Minifigure - Aurora Survivor with Two Faces, Fins, Survival Knife, High Capacity O2 Tank and Rebreather

Creature - Boomerang

Creature - Reaper Leviathan

Vehicle - Seamoth

Aurora Skeleton Part - on Medium Crash Zone Hill with Quartz

Small Crash Zone Hill with Gold



- Removeable Wings


-Moveable Steering Wheel

-Haves Transparent Holder



-Can Bite

-Haves Transparent Holder

Reaper Leviathan:

-Every Part is Moveable

-You can move it's Jaw and upper Mouth part Too

-You Can put Minifigure in it's Mouth

-Haves Transparent Holder

If you would want to see this in real life build from non-virtual lego bricks you can support it, share it with anyone, so it could get a chance being a real lego set!

Thanks for your attention

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