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Spaceballs - Spaceball One


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SPACEBALLS: The Sequel LEGO Set (the search for more supporters)

This is Spaceball one. Probably the longest spaceship in the Spaceball galaxy. The spaceship can be seen in the first scene of 'Spaceballs the Movie' and it takes approximatly 1 minute and 43 seconds for the ship to fly by. Spaceball One is flown by the badguys to track down Princess Vespa.

The LEGO set will include 'spaceball one'. There will be two Spaceball soldier minifigs included in this set with a Comb. So they can comb the desert. These will show up in an update for this set. The 'WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY' bumpersticker will come as a printed piece with the set. 

If you don't like badguys, don't worry! You can also support the goodguys spaceship: The 'Eagle 5'


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