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Roon's Raccoon Sprintladder


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Roon's Raccoon Sprintladder

When the lions first built the Lion Temple, they discovered some raccoons inside one night. They chased the animals away before they grabbed any chi. Or at least that is what they thought. The raccoons became very adept at sneaking in without the lions noticing. The Sprintladder is one vehicle they use for such an operation. The ladder quickly deploys allowing them to get over the walls protecting the temple.

The raccoons have been without chi for a while due to the actions of the dark cloud tribes. They usually don't steal too much chi so when the supply stopped they had little in way of reserves. They stayed away during the battle with the ice tribes.

When the fighting ended, they decided to risk another trip to the Lion Temple. Everything went well until Roon decided to take a little more than normal instead of leaving. His delay caused him to be spotted by Laval. Laval called out to the raccoon to talk but Roon and Roni ran for the Sprintladder. During their quick escape, the raccoons dropped some of the chi...

* Quick deploy ladder
* Laser blaster
* Storage compartment for chi
* Spinning raccoon tail (spins as back wheels turn)
* One or two raccoon figures

Rocket's Sprintladder (Marvel Universe History)

Starlord's map for the cosmic seed led them to a fortress on an unknown planet. Their attempt to talk to the inhabittents of the fortress didn't go well. They escaped but they didn't manage to find the cosmic seed and the Milano was taken. After discovering a junkyard, Starlord said they needed a super fast vehicle to allow them to sneak into the fortress. Rocket built the Sprintladder during the night.

Finally finished Rocket fell asleep. He awoke to find his design slightly modified. Starlord held a can of paint and smiled at his work. Rocket was incensed with the raccoon face and tail added to the vehicle. He dumped the paint can on Starlord but was restrained by Groot before he could do anything else.


Legend of Chima and Marvel Superhero sets typically have an enemy figure and maybe a small vehicle or set piece as well. For Legends of Chima, this could be a small wall section perhaps with a cannon on top and Laval. Using the same configuration for Marvel Superhero, Laval becomes a member of the Lion-People of Ligra. (But aren't the Lion-People mostly peaceful? Yes. Maybe this is criminal colony or misinterpreted some action of the Guardians of the Galaxy or something.)

If you want a new Legends of Chima foe, a snakeman from the Ninjago set would work. Some snakes stumbles on the dropped chi. They are horrified at having gained arms and feel all chi must be destroyed. With a different head the snakeman could become Bushmaster for the Guardians of the Galaxy. How that works on the storyline, I don't know. Alternatively if you used a snakeman with regular legs, he could be one of the serpant-men.

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