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Seaside Imperial Mansion


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Who doesn't love LEGO pirates? Everybody does! I love them too and I especially love the sets that had the imperial soldiers in them. The problem is that there are no more sets like this. I looked a lot but unfortunately I couldn't find any, so instead of searching endlessly, I decided to build a structure that would be a substitute for the sets that used to be. So after I finished, I thought I'd share it here and if it had enough supporters then maybe more people could enjoy it.

The kit contains a bedroom, a balcony with a beach view and palm trees, a cannon stand, a pier with a boat, a room for a general and a fully equipped clerk's post containing sheets of paper, a feather pen, a glass of ink and a stamp. The place itself is fully equipped and contains barrels with weapons or a stack of papers under the stairs, the kit has three imperial soldiers, a secretary, a cleaner, the general and his wife and some invading pirates.

I really like it and hope you like it too, don't forget to support!

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