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Keaton Batmobile


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This is my favourite version of the batmobile. It was used in two live-action movies, Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). These films were directed by Tim Burton and starred Michael Keaton as Batman.

This would make a fantastic Lego Cuusoo set because:

2014 is the 25th anniversary of the Batman (1989) movie
This version of the batmobile is iconic
The model is highly detailed and created from the original blueprints
It makes a great display piece but is also very playable
Only 464 pieces used

I would like this model to be packaged with a Batman minifigure and an instruction book containing detailed information on this vehicle. Stickers would be used to add the black line down the middle of the windscreen, the two small round windows and the air vents at the rear.

Depending on the price point additional options could be:

Alfred or Vicky Vale minifigure
Display plaque
Turntable stand
Poster of the blueprints
Printed pieces instead of stickers
Windscreen manufactured in a new colour - transparent brown

Additional information:

A Batman minifigure can be sat upright inside the detailed cabin
Advanced building techniques used
Designed to have strong structural integrity
All pieces are in colours currently or previously released
10 studs wide at the front and 12 studs wide at the rear
The length of the body is 30 studs (33 studs to the tips of the wings)

I hope you like it!

The roof can easily be removed as one piece to reveal the detailed cabin where a Batman minifigure can be sat upright. The area behind the cabin can be used as a weapon store.

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