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Classic Space Outpost - 40th Anniversary Set


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This LEGO Ideas proposal is designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of LEGO’s most beloved themes.

You can see the base in detail in this video:

Made up of 1978 pieces, this fully enclosed modular base has:
1. numerous modern parts and building techniques;
2. five technic-controlled sliding doors;
3. a pivoting wall, two hinged walls and a removable roof for easy play access;
4. internal configurations that can be built in one of five different ways
    (Command Centre, Galley, Quarters, Sick Bay, and Workshop);
5. two buggies for exploration, including a trailer and various containers;
6. two excavation areas where unknown minerals and mysterious crystals can be found;
7. removable rooftop solar panels and communications array;
8. a robotic assistant called SIMIAN;
9. many vintage display panels (tiles) from various Classic Space eras and modern variants;
10. four modernised and detailed Classic Space uniforms in blue, red, orange and green;
11. tons of play features (including a contagion scenario);
12. multiple sets can be connected together via the three detachable airlocks, to create a large, unique base.

Nine 360-degree GIFs of this proposal can be found here.

I hope you like this modern take on the Classic Space theme.

Please add your support, comment, and spread the word.

Only with your help and support could this become an actual set !

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