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The Magic Treehouse


My project is based on a book series which you guessed it is a series called the magic treehouse. The author who wrote it was Mary Pope Osborne. Now let me tell you what the book series is about. The series is about two kids called jack and annie they find a magic treehouse whicn takes on many time travel adventures. In some books there's merlin missons and its where jack and annie go on missions from teddy and kathleen.

It inculdes 6 minfigs- jack annie merlin the magican and tedy and kathleen plus morgan le fay

I built in a rope ladder for jack and annie to go in the treehouse. I also put in some books inside the treehouse. I aslo built some branches on the tree,and some green blocks on top for leaves. I hope you builders out there will like it and magic treehouse fans of course! 

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