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The Center for Business and Wellness


Presenting you a model that demonstrates both business and wellness, ideal elements for any Lego City community. 

The Business Factor

There are three business owners, one of which owns a private bank and rental suite, and two others that rent offices on the first level of the larger building to run their health sector businesses.

The private bank entrepreneur's buildings have sections for business purposes, or simply an overnight stay in the middle and uppermost floors of the larger building. Both floors of the rental unit are connected with a flight of stairs and occupants have both floors to themselves. A balcony can be accessed through a sliding door at the kitchen's level.

A passenger helicopter service is included to help the building owner get to work on time, avoiding days with high ground traffic. Any citizen can also access this air service.

The Wellness Factor

The bank employees can potentially provide Lego City residents financial wellness and useful money-related advice.

In the the larger building, one health sector worker will provide treatment towards a visitor's physical wellness, as he is a physiotherapist helping injured minifigures get better.

The other health sector worker is a counsellor who will provide tips and advice on domestic points of interest, to encourage stronger relationships and peace of mind. She has a play area next to her office with Lego bricks for youths to build toy models, when they are sometimes not part of a conversation.

Photo Gallery Info

  • In the second photo, a youth minifigure suggested to have built her own micro city, attempts to get the attention of the included taxi van driver to bring her set home. He is waiting for her guardian to exit the building and be visible in order to provide service. The counsellor has agreed to accept extra payment from the youth's guardian because she truly wants to keep her micro city creation.

  • A cyclist stands at the bike racks also trying to get the taxi driver's attention. She is either having bicycle trouble or is too tired to pedal her way back home. Photos 3, 7 and 8 show her seeking an alternate means of transportation at the included train station platform.

  • This set has three walls that can open. This includes the counsellor office's side wall and two walls at the back of the model. Some minifigure placement is possible for these sections without removing roofs.

The model was invented to suggest a part of town that Lego City minifigures can visit, to either get well again or receive help in improving their quality of life. It is a feature rich set with many details for various types of collectors to enjoy for quite some time.

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