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The Monster Truck


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This is a LEGO monster truck that took me a few days to create, one to two hours a day.
It actually was originally going to be an attempt at a Ram Rebel TRX, for a speed champions type set, but it was difficult to get it right, and when I was sort of satisfied I thought it was just too boring. So I added lights on the roof, a bumper guard with more lights on the front, what looks like bare reinforced chassis in the back, and of course, giant wheels with suspension.
The suspension is created by the only LEGO piece with a spring that I know of, the LEGO shock absorber. Since this piece is so long, half of it is actually in the truck. The front absorbers are actually visible from the top of the truck through the 2x1 grills, and you can see the back absorbers peeking out in the bed of the truck.
There are also other pieces to simulate suspension, although they don't really help it (if anything they make it worse, although it is worth it to make it look cooler).
One of the best things about this creation is that it's a minifigure scale car with wheels that can actually turn. This is a lot easier, of course, because it's a monster truck, with a whole lot more space for that kind of mechanism. This can be used to pose the truck.
The cab is pretty detailed, it can fit two minifigures comfortably, and the driver's seat has access to a steering wheel (on a hinged piece so the wheel is facing horizontally), a shift stick and a sloped piece behind the steering wheel with dials printed on.
This truck is over 10 studs wide, over 22 studs long, and over 10 bricks tall, with approximately 300 pieces (although I admit I am not very good at estimating this type of thing).

This is my first LEGO Ideas submission in a while. Like, a WHILE. The last submission I made was submitted in February. I actually wasn't planning on submitting this until it was completely finished. Please help me out and hit that support button!

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