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Space Explorers


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Space Explorers
Hello everybody! I'm glad to introduce you my new project on LEGO Ideas. This one is a space-themed project of about 2,850 pieces.
I first built this project with LDD in 2020, and now I have remastered it using Studio. This new version includes more details, objects, minifigures and scenes.
Landscape and Scenes
The set represents an area of a planet that is being explored by three experienced explorers, who are looking for any kind of useful resources. The planet is especially arid, rocky and disturbing. The explored area is a rock with a cave, and its surroundings. On the top of the rock, there is a pond filled with a strange fluorescent fluid, flowing towards a lower pond. The exploration spaceship has landed on the rear side of the rock.
The pilot is quietly taking a sample of the fluid, just before noticing the undesired encounter of his companion with an awful creature. The scientific is observing uneasy the arrival of an alien spaceship, which has begun to absorb the fluorescent fluid from the top of the rock.   
Exploration Spaceship
The exploration spaceship has about 360 pieces. It has all the necessary equipment and technology for performing the mission. It has two folding hatches, one on the front part to access the cabin, and the other one on the rear part to access the equipment and tools.
Alien Spaceship
The alien spaceship has about 190 pieces. It is made of alien materials integrated with other biomaterials resembling some of the species that inhabit the planet.
Cave and Creatures
The cave lodges the nest of a creature, together with many eggs and a larva. The inner walls of the cave have several unknown minerals and gemstones. The roof of the cave is detachable.
The main creature has a worm shape. It is made with four articulated segments, each one having a shell (which is made with a shoulder shell) and a pair of legs. The tail has a stinger, whereas the head throws a defensive fluid. The creature has 85 pieces.
The set also has other species in the form of tentacles protruding between the rocks.
Mini Set
The detachable roof of the cave, together with the minifigures and the larva, make a playable mini set of about 90 pieces.
Space Explorer (Pilot)
Space Explorer (Co-pilot)
Space Explorer (Scientific)
I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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