Product Idea

Peddler's Wagon

This is my 6th project inspired by Robin Hood's ballads, in which Robin Hood and Little John ride a peddler's wagon that has secret compartments for weapons and Merry Men.

The project includes many features:

  • The front and sides of the peddler's wagon are stocked with various wares and tools (as shown in images 1, 3, and 6)
  • The sides of the wagon can drop down to reveal two secret compartments for bows, quivers, and swords (in images 2 and 4)
  • At the base of the wagon is another hidden compartment with room for two Merry Men to sneak past the Sheriff and his men (image 5)
  • A ladder in the back of the wagon can drop down to allow access to the inside of the wagon, where treasure is kept (images 7 and 8), and the roof of the wagon can also be removed to allow easier access to the cargo (image 9)
  • There are footholds and handholds on the back of the tree to get to the top of it (image 13), and there is a catapult at the top of the tree (image 14)
  • Included are four minifigures (from left to right in image 15): Little John, a member of the Merry Men, Robin Hood with an updated more-friendly face, and the Sheriff of Nottingham with a more sinister look.

You can also see these pictures in better quality through Flickr:

Feel free to add any suggestions or questions in the comments if I missed anything.

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I feel that this would be a great Lego Ideas set since it compliments the Forestmen and Dark Forest lines, while including a rich back story, many different features, and the benefit of updated Lego pieces.

Feel free to support and share with others if you like this project and would love to see it as a set!