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Viking Longship -Drakkars


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( All parts including sail are genuine parts of LEGO)

Welcome to my project!
If you like my model, I'd appreciate it if you could support me.

The Viking mini figure, which was born in 2020, was surprisingly made, but I thought it would be even better to ride on the longship. So I looked up many pictures and videos about Viking Longship to make a ship with my Lego parts.

I tried to look as similar as possible while watching the ship's production video and expressed the beautiful hull line in blocks. Of course, the dragon head.

For Vikings, Longship is a great adventure companion. They rode it across the sea or explored it up the river. They rowed and spread their sails.

= Model Information =
Length: 64.6cm
Width: 20.7cm
Height: 31.9cm
Number of pieces:
It was composed of 1,232 pieces at first, but now it is about 1,260 pieces.
The color of the bottom part of the ship is not the same as the 2x2 brick, so the number may be reduced because it was replaced with 2x1 brick.

And we can have up to 40 mini figures on board.

If you like the model, I would appreciate your support! Please comment on questions, advice, or criticism.

Thank you so much!

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