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The Flying Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci

My name is Brickmax, and I am the creator of this LEGO set idea.

The dream of flying has accompanied mankind for centuries. Leonardo da Vinci ideas and approaches to this dream were groundbreaking, even if not always realistic. This Lego idea is an homage to the beginnings of aviation and the inventive spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. 

I have been fascinated by the dream of flying and Leonardo da Vinci's inventions since I was a little kid. Therefore, I have decided to convert Leonardo da Vinci ideas into Lego form. For all models I also made self-made sketches and I tried to build from the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci as detailed as possible. I also took the original functionality from the original constructions, because also my models do not fly.
My idea contains 2531 parts and one minifigure.

The First Helicopter 

Leonardo da Vinci invented this construction between 1494 and 1499. This big propeller should be spun into the air by four persons. My model of the airscrew can be turned using the brown gear wheel at the front. 

The Glider

He drew his first sketches of this flying machine in the 1480s. It was aimed at the functioning of birds. My model takes over the function of the wings moving up and down. On the back of my model is a cord which drives a small gearbox that moves the wings. 

The Parachute 

In the 15th. century he drew one of the earliest sketches of a parachute, which we still know in our todays world in a similar fashion. I have tried to complete this model with a large brick-built figure, which hangs freely under the parachute. Under the construction you can also find Leonardo da Vinci's workshop, where Leonardo da Vinci created his famous drawings. 

Perpetual Motion Machine 

Leonardo da Vinci also tried his own approach to a perpetual motion machine. My model of this construction can be turned on the back with a brown gear wheel. But like the original designe of Leonardo da Vinci it does not turn forever. 

I hope my idea finds much interest and I would be pleased about your support to convert this idea into a real Lego set.

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