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Mini Technic Hummer H1

Dear all,

I was charmed by the new size of technic cars like the mini Unimog and others a like. Especially the fact that this size has good steering solution. After playing around with this scale and concept I got close to a Hummer. This brought me to the idea to launch a Hummer H1 in this scale my self. The Hummer H1 is very angular so perfect fit for this size.

I took a blueprint from one of those blueprint web sides. The size is exactly like the picture I found so it fits within its Length, Width and Height based on the size of the wheels, so all is in the right scale. The scale is +/- 1:27 to be more precise.

Because of the small size I decided not to make a back tailgate that could be opened. By using a plate 2x2 and tiles I tried to suggest the existence of a tailgate.

The front is very much a like. I tried to place the lights in the same configuration as a real one. However I am still not decided what to do with the area around the flashers. Whether or not fill the area with tiles. For now I choose without. But maybe an iteration will follow.

And a picture more from a top perspective.

I hope you all like my idea and vote for it heavily to launch it in one of the coming seasons Lego selections.

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