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Amazing Tiki "Mazeaic" (Maze + Mosaic!)

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Tiki Mazeaic!

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I had this idea to create a "Mazeaic" - a combination of a maze & a mosaic.  Using lots of the short panels to create walls and a route that's hopefully a bit interesting.  It still has the mosaic effect, but is also a maze!

This mazeaic's theme is a Polynesian Tiki.  I'd like to create several for Brickcon, I think people'd have fun with them.  

Start and End:

If it isn't obvious, the start and end are the gray bit on the top of the Tiki's head and the middle of the Tiki's mouth.

For my personal mazeaics I've been using a 5mm bearing to play with the maze

The little Rat Maze was a test for this one.  It's "amazingly" difficult to get the colors and corridors to behave.  You can't accidentally chop off the dead ends, and the color/part selection gets pretty complicated.  The Rat Maze was a lot easier since it's all one color.  Color changes restrict which parts you can use where.

When we get to 10k (positive thinking), if Lego decides to go with this idea, it'd be cool to add some other patterns/pictures/mazes, probably using similar parts.  I'll have to see what I can do for updates.

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Check out the rat maze and my other projects too!

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