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Desert Building


What inspired me to build this model was the lack of desert Lego building sets.  There are tons of Star Wars snow sets, space sets, forest sets, etc.  There was so much that happens on planets like Tatooine in the Star Wars movies.  There were tons of scenes in sand buildings in episode 1,2, and 4.  Anakin and Luke were both born there.  I feel like people (like myself) like to build Lego communities, and I have been working on my desert planet city and there is little to no sand colored buildings to buy.  

My set is a small building on a desert planet.  It could be used as a place where Bounty Hunters can get info on targets or where needed cargo can be obtained for clients.  The owner of this building could use it as a business for 'professional advice' or 'counseling'.  The building would really make its money supplying clients with information and selling it.  Tatooine and other sand planets always seem to attract more of the 'less desirable' people around the universe. 

The set would include the building, and the two lamp posts that burn for light.  It would also include two guards stationed on both sides guarding the 'counselor' to protect him from clients who he had sold inaccurate information.

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