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The Old House


There it stands, that old house at the edge of town! Walk up the crumbling stone path to the huge wooden doors, turn the doorknob, and venture into the black-and-white tiled entryway, with it's tall wooden columns. Then, boldly step into the dining room to find a table with two chairs, a key, and a couple of glasses lying around. Enter the parlor to examine the ornate pipe organ, and gaze up at the cobweb-covered chandelier. Next, carefully climb the rickety ladder to the second floor, gasp at the lifelike suit of armor holding the gigantic axe, and try to avoid the giant spider and rat.

I had originally intended for this model to be an interesting conversation piece to show off to friends, but then thought that other Lego fans deserved something just like it, so I decided to submit it. Though it uses some interesting building techniques, the most noticeable is how the entire model is built at an angle on a wall turned on it's side. To accomplish this, I built a wall with every brick over one stud from the other, then hid the edge with grey plates and bricks. The windows are also built sideways, using transparent wall elements for panes.

With it's strange building techniques, vine-covered facade, interesting interior elements and the effect of stacked stone in the walls, I think that Lego fans would jump at the chance to get their own "old house" model (Hopefully, at least 10,000!)!

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