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Snow groomer

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I build my personal small snow groomer (on my home it's also called a snow cat) in the years between 1994 and 1997. Dimensions are: 70cm length, 29cm width and 21cm height.

Sorry for the poor pictures. I made it 2005 and the model was a little bit dusty. The model is still complete.

The snow plow and the snow blower are fully functional with air pneumatics systems, controlled and integrated in the engine hood behind the drivers cab. Pneumatics system works by hand with the air pump or with the electric engine integrated into the chassis.

The drop of bitterness. In the year of 1994 and after there aren't available chains with a width of 12cm for the gears. So the chains are fixed. Wheels and gear ratio with electric motor are integrated, but as I still said, no flexible chains where available on that time.

Also the light in the middle of the drivers cab is functional and you can open the roof of the cab :-)

Hope you like it.

Main View with hydraulic pump on engine hood. Snow plow and blower lifted up.

Snow plow and blower lifted up.

Front view with lifted snow plow!

Side view on the right.

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