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Maldive Resort Centre


Maldive Resort Centre
This resort centre incorporates an outdoor diner, reception and spa and is designed to accompany up to three Maldive Bungalow models to complete the resort (a picture of the overall resort is included). As is common for the Maldives the island is crescent shaped and low lying in the sea, being a remnant from volcanic activity.
The model design aims to incorporate the facilities within tropical forestation and to include natural features with a significant level of all round detail. Wholly surrounded by the sea guests would arrive by boat transfer so the design also includes a decking pier and two transfer boats.
• Significant all round detail with multiple tree and shrub shapes
• Detailed and lighted pathway connecting resort facilities
• Intricate island shape
• Mottled sand/beach areas
• Diner and Spa are modular for ease of construction and to allow visibility and play
• Diner includes kitchen and outdoor tables and chairs with parasol sun shades
• Spa includes treatment beds, nail salon, roof garden and outdoor hot tub
• Reception located centrally for boat transfers and customer services to bungalows
• Transfer boats include water skis, sub-acqua gear and lifebuoys
• Multiple minifigures – guests & staff
• Based on three 32 x 32 baseplates plus additional plates for piers
• Approximately 4000 bricks – of which approx.. 35% are either 1x1 tiles, 1x1 circular tiles to make up the mottled sand and the pathway and tiles for the sea area
Decoration – Flat plates and decorated plates from LDD have been used to show pictures, video screens and computer monitors

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