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Sherlock Holmes 221 B Baker Street

This is my 221 B Baker Street from Sherlock Holmes that I designed for LEGO Ideas. I built this because I really love the Sherlock Holmes books and movies. This building inspired by the books includes four minifigures, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Mary Morstan, and Professor James Moriarty. Three removable floors and an attic room with a fold down ladder. The first floor has a small kitchen, a fire place, and a staircase to the next floor. The second floor includes a lounge with a large fireplace, a cozy armchair, and a bookshelf. Next to the fireplace there is a bathroom, with a sink, and chain flush toilet. Scattered throughout the floor is Holmes's random collection of artifacts from some of his previous cases, and finally on the third floor I put Sherlock and Watson's rooms. Holmes's room includes a bed, his violin, the M he shot into the wall with his "not so silent" revolver, and his chemistry set. Watson's room has his bed, with a side table, a shelf where he displays his various books about Sherlock, and a desk where he is currently writing The Hound of the Baskervilles. I hope you enjoy this creation, and thank you for the support.

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