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Firebird - Space Racer

Welcome to a new generation of space racing. Welcome to galactic space circuit!

A space racing series bringing together all nations and species from all over the universe. Stay tuned for the fastest spaceships and most heroic pilots you’ve ever seen. Two pilots are needed, one pilot and a navigator. And of course, this is a fair play sports and engineering competition so all kind of weapons are strictly forbidden. Let’s meet team earth with their Firebird spaceship, a masterpiece of human engineering. The best engineers all over the world got together to construct the fastest ride the universe has ever seen. So charge your energy shield, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for the first race!

Hi there, I am Thomas a German AFOL in the mid-thirties. Some years ago, I hit on Flickr on the great idea of a space racing series. And so, I created some racing Spaceships. That’s one of them: “The Firebird“. I agonized long time to post it here. But hey I think we definitely need more space related sets. The Speed Champions are great, but I think we need something beyond the roads. Imagine kids running around and dodging asteroids with their space racers. No need to have armed licensed spaceships for that. So if you agree with me you may support my Idea.

The ship itself consist of 525 parts. And as you can see, I’ve already built it so it is completely buildable like this. No new parts, parts in new color or even theme licenses needed.

It would be great if you support and share this idea. Many Thanks in advance.

All the best

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