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Mobile Crane

What is it?
A wagon (or "truck", or "lorry") with a mobile boom, derrick, or crane. It is one that used to be built by what was the oldest lorry-manufacturer in the world, Foden (a company now, sadly, closed).

The famous Foden diamond logo can be seen on the grille of the vehicle. The boom is secured for transport, the hook of the davit wire fixed to the bar at the rear. The outriggers, used to anchor the wagon in place whilst conducting crane operations, are retracted into the body and can be seen in black, to the left and right, at the centre of the trailer. This is a British machine, so the steering wheel is on the right, and there is a gear stick ("gear shift" in American English) to the left of that. Also, because of this being from the UK, the front number plate is white, and the back one is yellow.

Why did I build it?
I built this as my home county of Cheshire was the location of a number of firms involved in building such vehicles, including Foden's.

Will it make a good LEGO set?
I certainly think so; it's what LEGO was always about for me: Building models of those things which fascinate you.