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The Adventurer's Hideout

Welcome to the adventurer's most memorable museum. Of all the secret hideouts on the planet, this is neither the biggest nor the oldest, but it is the one he keeps coming back to. Because of that, it is filled with artifacts spanning the whole of human existence.

The basement is a turbulent rubble of stone and metal, ranging from precious to worthless. The first floor contains a stocked pantry, a few weapons, and the barred doors that never once actually led to the outside. The second floor is his own little museum. From ancient death masks to ancienter life orbs, from the first map to the latest weapon. And of course, the wings and the ring. It also leads to the rooftop garden through a secret trap door at the bottom of a dried out well. The building is surrounded by a little courtyard, with rotten tree stumps and broken statues.

But here's the thing: The statues are connected to a hidden system of cogs and wheels that lowers the entire structure into the ground when the statues are turned, and the former useless doors now lead into the subterranean structure that connects this house with all the other ruins in this forgotten part of the city. Once the building is completely lowered, only the 'rooftop' garden will remain visible.

So, I'm writing a book, and I'm also quite bad at drawing. However, visualization helps me map out scenes and settings, so one day I figured, why not design them as Lego. And this one lets you re-enact two important scenes from the story. Since I'm nowhere near my family Lego and could only design it digitally, I can't say for sure how well the mechanism works, but if this gets approved I'm sure the professionals already know of the best way to make it happen.

I like my Lego sets to be able to do something, to make them look different from time to time (preferably a bit easier than certain other sets). To walk the thin line between toy and art.

It's not letting me upload GIFs, so here are two videos of the motion.

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