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Pirates Constructible Strategy Game


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Pirates Constructible Strategy Game

Pirates CSG is a pocket-sized game that features built ships played on any flat surface.
This highly collectible game is very simple to play and yet can involve advanced strategies, making it fun for all ages.
Two or more players compete to collect gold found on scattered islands and attempt to sink their opponent's ships.
Players take turns setting up the game area by laying islands and hazards and placing gold.
Ship movement is measured with the side of a card (or a Lego plate).
Attacks are calculated with the roll of a die and damage is shown by removing masts from the ship. Ships vary in sizes, speeds and strengths.

These sets would be sold in a small container styled as a treasure chest. Each chest would contain a complete, playable game. The game and the rules would be expandable with extra sets and booster packs. Collectible micro figures would be added to ships as Heros, granting the ship special abilities.

These sets will be small so as to remain as accessible and collectible as possible.

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