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The Phantom of the Opera


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     The Phantom of the Opera is a story adapted into many different works, including movies, the famous musical, and the novel that it was originally based on. The main character, Erik (The Phantom) is a loved character, by fans of the any of the adaptions listed above. Therefore, adding The Phantom of the Opera to the Lego library could intice those fans, and or introduce new fans to the muscial and the characters themselves. Moving on, I present to you the following idea: the state/lair of the Phantom

     Though his set may look more like a stature or a model and less like a play thing, there can be some features scattered through the set. There could be a trap door on the stage, leading to the Phantom's lair, a breakable chandileir, and even a working ticket operatior, or box office. 

     Finally, the minifigures that could be inserted into the set would be the Phantom, Christine, Roaul, the owners of the Opera, Miss Giry, Meg Giry, and Carlotta, all main characters in the Phantom of the Opera. Collectors and fans could be very happy adding these characters to their collection, and non fans might love the new prints of the figures. 

     To conlcude, this set could be a very nice inclusion to the Lego community and I hope that you, the Lego Group, and the supporters can accept this set and make it a reality. 

                                                                                                          Yours Truly, The Creator

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