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W-Class Trams Melbourne, Australia


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The W-class trams are a type of electric trams built by the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board (MMTB) between 1923 and 1956 in Australia. There were a total of 752 trams built during that time and around 12 sub-classes of these trams were made. In the 1990s the government announced that no more W-Class trams would be manufactured, and in 2000 all working W-Class Trams were removed from the tram lines. Some people protested about this so today there a few of these trams used around Melbourne's CBD however they are used for tourism purposes and as tram-car restraunts. These W-Class trams are very well-known and are much loved by the citizens of Melbourne and tourists who visit Melbourne. This link here shows the main features and some images of these trams:   

I have created two W-Class Trams both identical except for the different colour variations and the minifigures and sign prints used. Each tram has the same front and back, and includes two control panels for the tram drivers, as well as two passenger seats. There are no opening doors however the roofs of the trams can be taken off quite easily to access the interiors. At the front of one side of the tram there are two printed parts showing the routes and tram numbers of each tram. 

Each tram consists of about 500 pieces and they all fit really well on LEGO train tracks and in any LEGO city.

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