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The Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout

This build is the Lone Ranger silver mine shootout. It features a rich silver mine, a railroad tunnel, and living quarters for the miners. There are eight mini figures, the Lone Ranger (John Reid), Tonto, Chief Big Bear, Linda Reid, Buck Cavendish, and three of his accomplices. A cart is also included, to get away in and to haul off stolen silver. I apologize, but I do not know how many pieces are in this build, because it is made out of my own bricks, and I forgot to start counting until I was halfway through.

The main structure has two levels, the lower has the mine itself, and a blocked off railroad tunnel. The mine features three main silver deposits, one hidden by a wall of light sandstone in a large rock, another behind a tall block of solid rock that can be blown by dynamite, and the last can only be found by miners who are not easily spooked, because this deposit is hidden by a huge spider in its web. There is also a stream that enters the back of the mine and exits on the left side. The living quarters are located on the second floor, consisting of a kitchen/dining area and a bunk room. The kitchen has a small stove, two pans, a large knife, and food supplies. The dining area is a table with a couple of chairs, equipped with a fish and bottle. The table is actually a secret trapdoor leading up from the mine. The bunk room has two beds that can open and hold a mini figure. The whole upstairs is lit by lantern light. The floor inside and out is covered in tiles to give a nice clean look. The back of the build is partially open for more playability and easy access. The roof and kitchen/dining area come off easily for easy access to the space below.

I built this set because it was a cool build, and something that I could do with my own bricks. It has open wide open spaces, lots of mini figures, a cart and multiple settings so that fans can create many different scenarios. The railroad tunnel is a great place to stage a hostage situation where the Lone Ranger comes to the rescue, the mine has four movable parts and can provide cool mining scenes, and you can also show the good guys relaxing in the kitchen and bunk room after a long days work.

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