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Power Rangers - Concrete Jungle


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Two Teams, two ideals, one last time: Which Side are you on?

You probably already seen this twice before, but now you get to know what it truly is: A pair of Power Ranger Teams with the contrasting themes of Nature and Industry. The Nature side of the theme's currently the majority of the focus.

The list of Zords shown here:
  • Leo Express Zord (187 Pieces)
  • Wing Nature Zord (50 Pieces)
  • Primal Nature Zord (66 Pieces)
  • Aqua Nature Zord (71 Pieces)
  • Vector Mobile Zord (48 Pieces)
  • Nitro Mobile Zord (106 Pieces)
  • Dozer Mobile Zord (97 Pieces)

Including the 28 pieces from the minifigures, we're looking at a 654 total piece count!

Why did you build this?
I built both the Nature Zords and Mobile Zords long in advance, I just wasn't able to show them along with the Leo Express Zord before.

Why do you still believe in this? It expired twice already!
True, but in both those instances I had to make it original. Now with the IP of inspiration available again, I believe that maybe, just maybe, it can flourish with a creative twist on something familiar to everyone.

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